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Skin Biopsy for Diagnosis

                                                                                                                                                     Skin biopsy locations

Figure of biopsy locations

  • If you want to refer a patient to MGH for skin biopsy you need to fill out and fax the skin biopsy requisition form: Skin Biopsy Requisition


Post skin biopsy care

To minimize oozing on the day of biopsy:

  • Keep the tight bandage on for a few hours
  • Avoid vigorous exercise for a few hours
  • Keep your leg up when you are sitting

What to expect:

  • Redness and swelling for a few days at the site
  • Scabs that will fall off after a few weeks
  • Pink scars that will fade over months

On subsequent days:

  • Keep the area covered with a Band-Aid for several weeks until the scab drops off
  • Change the Band-Aid daily after bathing
  • Keep the area away from dirt; swimming is OK

When to call us:

  • If redness or swelling gets worse or doesn’t go away
  • If you see pus coming out of biopsy area
  • Call the Neurology Clinic: (855) 644-6387


Contact us for questions:

Heather Downs
Neurology Histopathology Operations Specialist
(617) 726-0260