Postdoctoral Fellow/Basic Research in Peripheral Neuropathy

Description: Current opening for a postdoctoral fellow to investigate mechanisms of acquired and genetic peripheral neuropathies. Potential projects include developing a rodent model of autoimmune small-fiber polyneuropathy using sera from appropriate patients and/or working with mouse models of the hereditary sensory autonomic neuropathies (HSAN1 and HSAN3). The fellowship is sponsored by funded research grants from the NIH and DoD, although fellows are expected to gain experience by also applying for postdoctoral fellowship grants.

Location: The Nerve Unit is a clinical and research group within the Department of Neurology of the Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston. The director, A.L. Oaklander, MD PhD, is a peripheral nerve specialist with broad interests in diseases that affect the small-fiber peripheral neurons.

Applicants: Candidates should have an advanced degree in medical research in a relevant subject such as neuroscience, genetics, or immunology. Applicants must demonstrate English-speaking fluency.

Salary commensurate with NIH and hospital guidelines.

Qualified applicants should email a single PDF file including a letter describing their career goals and availability, CV, and contact information of three references to

Relevant publications from the Oaklander lab:

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