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Is It Genetic Neuropathy?

If you or close family members have had testing identifying a genetic cause of neuropathy, or have multiple family members with neuropathy symptoms, it’s worth learning about inherited (genetic) forms of neuropathy.

Genetic neuropathies that affect the muscles and strength are known as Charcot-Marie-Tooth, and information is available from neurologists or on the Internet. On the other hand, sensory and small-fiber genetic neuropathies are often unrecognized. Some families go generations without accurate medical diagnosis or effective treatment.

To help, our Neuropathy Gene Registry hosts a secure online registry for people with diagnosed genetic small-fiber neuropathy. This gives patients a private portal to speak with our physicians, and potentially connect with other patients with similar genetic variants.

The registry also helps researchers learn more about rare genetic neuropathies. By gaining understanding of the symptoms associated with specific mutations, and what tests and treatments work best for these lifelong conditions, investigators can improve care and treatment for many others with these conditions.

If you suspect you have a genetic neuropathy, see our page on Genetic Testing to find out more about what tests are available, and what the results mean. Consult our Experts Directory to find a neurologist in your area who understands small-fiber neuropathy.

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