Noncommercial Websites for Neuropathy Patients


American Cancer Society: Information about chemotherapy-induced neuropathy

IG Living
A free magazine, both online and print, dedicated to supporting patients with neuropathy and other chronic illnesses who are treated with immune globulin, also called IVIG or SCIG. The site has information on many topics, including getting insurance coverage for IVIG.

Liza Jane's Charts 
A spreadsheet from a peripheral neuropathy patient listing almost every test used to investigate neural conditions. Lets patient track test results over time

Neurology Now
A magazine on neuropathy and other neurological conditions from the American Academy of Neurology, free for patients

An excellent discussion board for all things neurological, especially peripheral neuropathy. It includes extensive set of databases and links to many articles

Neuropathy Diagnosis
The diagnostics entry point for the peripheral neuropathy section of the huge neuromuscular conditions database at Washington University of St. Louis’ medical website. Primarily for professionals; very comprehensive.

The Neuropathy Journal
Online publication with many neuropathy-related articles, provided by the Neuropathy Support Network

News about pain research for patients and the general public