Neuropathy Support Groups


Support Groups for All Types of Neuropathy

Foundation for Peripheral Neuropathy: Support Group List
Lists support groups located throughout the United States

Minnesota Neuropathy Association
Monthly meetings January through October in Bloomington, Minnesota

Neuropathy Alliance of Texas
Monthly meetings at three locations in central Texas

Neuropathy Support Network: List of Support Groups
Lists support groups located throughout the United States

Western Neuropathy Association
Downloadable list of support groups with contact information for 30 support groups in California and one in Oregon.


Support Groups for Specific Types of Neuropathy or Related Symptoms

American Chronic Pain Association

Charcot-Marie-Tooth Association
Online support group

Dysautonomia International

Dysautonomia International Massachusetts Support Group

Hereditary Neuropathy Foundation
Online support community

Sjogren’s Syndrome Foundation International