David Herrmann, MB BCh, MD

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Medical Specialty
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Department or Group
Neuromuscular Unit & Peripheral Neuropathy Clinic
Patient Age Group(s)

University of Rochester Medical Center
601 Elmwood Ave, Box 673
Rochester NY 14642

Clinical Areas of Interest
University Affiliation
Lab Group
Cutaneous Innervation Laboratory
Research Areas of Interest
inherited neuropathies

Dr. Herrmann is Unit Chief of the Neuromuscular Unit & Director of the Peripheral Neuropathy Clinics and Cutaneous Innervation Laboratory at the University of Rochester. Clinically his interests are in the diagnosis and care of patients with various types of peripheral neuropathy. He has a particular interest in inherited neuropathies (Charcot Marie Tooth neuropathy and related disorders). Dr. Herrmann additionally established one of the first cutaneous innervation laboratories in the USA at University of Rochester in 2000, for diagnosis of small fiber neuropathy.
Dr. Herrmann's current research interests include inherited neuropathies and he is Principal Investigator in Rochester for the NIH sponsored Inherited Neuropathy Consortium Rare Disease Clinical Research Center. Dr. Herrmann focuses on new gene identification for inherited neuropathies, development of novel neuropathy outcome measures and biomarkers and experimental therapeutics.