Vincenzo Provitera, MD

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    Skin Biopsy Lab
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    "Maugeri" Clinical Scientific Institutes

    Via Bagni Vecchi, 1

    Telese Terme

    Benevento, 82037


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    Research subjects are currently being recruited for these studies

    Subjects with distal symmetrical painful polyneuropathy either diabetic or idiopathic for a clinical trial of a Nav1.7 blocker; Subjects with extrapiramidal involvement within two years from the onset of symptoms for a project on early differential diagnosis between Parkinson's diseases and atypical parkinsonisms.  

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    Vincenzo Provitera M.D. was trained at the University of Naples “Federico II”. He is a certified Neurologist and helds a position in the Rehabilitation Unit of “Maugeri” Clinical and Scientific Institutes in Telese terme (BN) Italy. In 1999, along with prof. Maria Nolano he founded the Skin Biopsy Lab in Telese. His main interests are pain, autonomic neuropathies, genetic neuropathies and neurodegenerative disorders.  He is a Fellow of the Italian Neurological Society (SIN), the Italian Society for Clinical Neurophysiology (SINC) and the Italian Association for Peripheral Nervous System (ASNP). From 2010 to 2017 he has been Adjunct Professor at the University of Naples “Federico II”. He coordinates since 2014 the “Autonomic Nervous System Study Group” of the Italian Society for Clinical Neurophysiology.  He is the Author of 65 papers indexed on Scopus with a total of 1419 citations and a h-Index = 20.

    A Model to Study Myelinated Fiber Degeneration and Regeneration in Human Skin.
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    A Delphi consensus statement of the Neuropathic Pain Special Interest Group of the Italian Neurological Society on pharmacoresistant neuropathic pain.
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    Small fiber pathology parallels disease progression in Parkinson disease: a longitudinal study.
    Nolano M, Provitera V, Stancanelli A, Saltalamacchia AM, Caporaso G, Lullo F,  Borreca I, Piscosquito G, Mozzillo S, Esposito M, Manganelli F, Lanzillo B, Santoro
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    A novel SCN9A splicing mutation in a compound heterozygous girl with congenital insensitivity to pain, hyposmia and hypogeusia.
    Marchi M, Provitera V, Nolano M, Romano M, Maccora S, D'Amato I, Salvi E, Gerrits M, Santoro L, Lauria G.
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    Pathological evidence of adrenergic cardiac denervation in a patient with congestive heart failure.
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    High-resolution axon reflex sweat testing for diagnosis of neuropathy.
    Loavenbruck A, Sit N, Provitera V, Kennedy W.
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    Generalized anhidrosis as first clinical presentation of systemic lupus erythematosus.
    Provitera V, Lubrano E, Piscosquito G, Manganelli F, Santoro L, Nolano M.
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    The role of skin biopsy in differentiating small fiber neuropathy from ganglionopathy.
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    Eur J Neurol. 2018 Mar 1.

    A device to measure secretion of individual sweat glands for diagnosis of peripheral neuropathy.
    Loavenbruck AJ, Hodges JS, Provitera V, Nolano M, Wendelshafer-Crabb G, Kennedy WR.
    J Peripher Nerv Syst. 2017 Jun;22(2):139-148.