Stories by Patients and Families

ClaireFennell106x120Claire Fennell: My Medical Journey

When attempting to put my medical journey into words, I am always faced with a somewhat daunting realization. While I am only almost 15 years old, my medical history manages to feel like it’s been going on for millennia....



Jeff106x120r_0David Taughinbaugh: Testimonial

"Jeff is 16 and a sophomore in high school. We are at five weeks with 10 mg of IVIG, hoping to titer him off within the year. He is doing very well, straight A student, who plays on the varsity golf team...."



Soares3Kids106x120Sebastian's Story

Sebastian's story: "Doctors finally able to help boy suffering with chronic pain for years." The June 1, 2016, news story includes interview with Anne Louise Oaklander, MD, PhD....