Testimonial by David Taughinbaugh


Dear Dr. Oaklander,

I have wanted to write you many times throughout the years. Not a month goes by that I do not think of you and how you saved my son's life. Thank you!

Jeff is 16 and a sophomore in high school. We are at five weeks with 10 mg of IVIG, hoping to titer him off within the year. He is doing very well, straight A student, who plays on the varsity golf team which is the top team in Texas year in year out. He is looking to play in college, I believe he wants to be a doctor/scientist.

Below is a picture of a boy who once could not walk, was in deathly pain with no hope in sight ... until you came into his life.

David Taughinbaugh


(Left) Jeff Taughinbaugh as a child; (right) Jeff at 16 years old.

Jeff Taughinbaugh Before and After