Marinos Dalakas, MD, FAAN

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Medical Specialty
Hospital or Clinic Affiliation
Department or Group
Neuromuscular Division
Patient Age Group(s)

Thomas Jefferson University Hospital
909 Walnut Street
3rd Floor
Philadelphia, PA 19107
Appointments: (215) 955-7952
Fax (Medical Records): (215) 955-9976

University of Athens Medical School
Department of Pathophysiology
75 Mikras Asias Street
Athens, Greece
Appointments: (00)-30-210- 7462616
Fax (Medical Records): 00-30-210 7462650


University Affiliation
University Title
Professor of Neurology
Lab Group
Chief Neuromuscular Division

Dr Dalakas’ areas of clinical and research interests are broad but mostly focused on neuroimmunology, neurovirology, genetics, and immunotherapies in neurologic diseases with application and design of new therapies.