Amanda Peltier, MD MS

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Neurology Neuromuscular Division, Autonomic Dysfunction Center, Medicine
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Vanderbilt University
A-0118 Medical Center North
Nashville, TN 37232
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Associate Professor
Dr. Peltier is an associate professor at Vanderbilt University Medical Center.  Dr. Peltier obtained her medical degree from the Ohio State University and completed her residency training in Neurology at the University of Michigan. She completed a Master’s Degree in Clinical Research Design and Statistical Analysis, and has extensive experience in conduction of both multicenter and investigator initiated clinical research. She completed a neuromuscular fellowship under the mentorship of Dr. Eva Feldman, with specific training in EMG, skin biopsy, and autonomic testing. She is board certified in neuromuscular medicine (2008). 
Dr. Peltier has published over 30 peer-authored manuscripts. She has focused her research efforts on identifying improved biomarkers for therapeutic clinical trials in diabetic polyneuropathy and other types of neuropathy.  She has specific experience in assessment and evaluation of peripheral neuropathy and autonomic disorders.  She is the fellowship director for the neuromuscular program at Vanderbilt University and a member of the Vanderbilt Autonomic Disorders Center and the Vanderbilt Amyloid Multidisciplinary Program.